Sunset on Sand Pond

Save Sand Pond


The calm, secluded environment of Sand Pond makes it attractive to many kinds of waterfowl throughout the seasons, including egrets, herons, cormorants, hooded mergansers, various ducks, geese and swans. They can often be spotted in shallows along with turtles sunning themselves. The pond is also home to many fish, and fishing is a popular pastime for the residents as well as the birds! Rounding it off the pond is home to a diverse array of aquatic and non-aquatic plant life.

Geese on Sand Pond


The pond is open to Warwick residents year-round. Because of its exceptionally clean water many members of the community come to swim and boat on the pond. Between spring and summer the water is clear, and one can often see straight to the bottom. When summer is in full swing the children at the local daycare can be seen enjoying their fleet of paddle-boats. Beach access provides a convenient place to fish and swim.

Paddle boats on Sand Pond


Sadly, there is a proposal for a 3-story, 630 unit self-storage facility to be built on the northwest half of the pond at Pond Plaza, 1160 Post Road. Should the city allow this proposed self-storage center many of the attractive aspects of the pond will be eliminated. And there could be the potential of irreversible environmental harm to the fragile kettle pond. Fortunately we can work together to save this hidden gem Sand Pond for the Warwick community.

Artist concept of self-storage on Sand Pond

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